Sep 16, 2020

2 min read
Space — The thing that got me started on my habit of thinking about life.


Hello there, and welcome to my newly made Medium page! Thank you so much for checking this out, and I hope you have a great time here. I’ll be using this as a blog, and my entries are mostly going to just be about my ramblings and thoughts on anything and everything in life, from my experiences to the political situation around, and everything in between. I have a habit of seeing beauty in everything, and I try to dissect the psychology and philosophy behind whatever topic I choose. I hope that you will find it entertaining and maybe even insightful to view the world through the lens of a 17-year-old museful university student.

I have many thoughts that I never wrote down and are therefore forgotten. After reading through many people’s blogs I decided that I had to make one and with some guidance from my professor, Ms Samidha Bajpai… here we are!

I am a person who loves nature, art in every form, and the English language. I write a lot of poetry, songs, short stories, and novels that I hope to publish one day. I sing, sketch and draw, and I’m teaching myself to play the piano. I have my journeys with mental health and LGBTQ+. I have my family struggles, and my dreams and ambitions. I both like and dislike pop culture. And altogether, I’m a complex and layered human being, just like the rest of you — a concept I find beautiful and will write about soon.

I hope the clutter in my head proves to be somewhat entertaining to you. To new beginnings!