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I remember a distinct incident from my early pre-teen years. My interests in media were starting to form and were very, very different from my mother’s. She was (and still is) very spiritual, and knows ways to connect any topic at all to her God and the values she knows…

Galaxies and stars spread out from a nebulous centre.
The universe — is it everything or is it nothing?

This blog is for philosophy and here it is — something philosophical I’ve been meaning to write for days now except university got in the way.

About a month ago, my class was given one minute to talk about any topic of choice. I chose the topic of nothing, and…

Space — The thing that got me started on my habit of thinking about life.

Hello there, and welcome to my newly made Medium page! Thank you so much for checking this out, and I hope you have a great time here. I’ll be using this as a blog, and my entries are mostly going to just be about my ramblings and thoughts on anything…

~ Clara Lavender Young ~

I was created to create; I exist to question existence.

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